Knowledge in Action Efficacy Study Over Two Years


Saavedra, A.R., Liu Y., Haderlein, S.K., Rapaport, A., Garland, M., Hoepfner, D., Morgan, K.L., & Hu, A. (February 2021). Knowledge in Action Efficacy Study Over Two Years. USC Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research. 

Knowledge in Action is a project-based learning approach to Advanced Placement (AP). Developers designed KIA intervention—comprised of curriculum, instructional materials, and robust professional development supports for teachers—to bolster students’ deeper understanding of content and skills. A randomized controlled trial efficacy evaluation of the Knowledge in Action intervention was conducted in 2016-17 with a follow-up study of RCT schools in 2017-18. This report describes the study motivation, context, research methods, results, and implications.