Building a Networked Improvement Community


In this study, SRI International, PBLWorks (formerly the Buck Institute for Education), and Lucas Education Research (LER) formed a network of PBL instructional coaches, teachers, and leaders called the Project-Based Learning Virtual Instructional Coaching (VIC) Networked Improvement Community. The VIC network developed a virtual instructional coaching model for project-based contexts and refined it over time using tools and processes from improvement science. This report describes (1) high-leverage virtual instructional coaching practices that surfaced from coach-teacher interactions and (2) lessons learned about the use of improvement science for testing forms, tools and processes developed for the virtual instructional coaching model. Along with describing key findings and takeaways, this report provides the coaching resources used by the PBL instructional coaches and teachers in the appendices.

Principal Investigator:

Andrew Krumm, SRI International

Year of Funding: